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Marketing is an important part of every business regardless of the industry, size or structure. For small and medium-sized businesses it might not be seen as a priority or could be cost prohibitive. Having a marketing and communications strategy will help to focus resources and plan for business growth.


Where do you start?

We have developed the tools to understand business objectives and goals so we can produce a marketing strategy and provide the framework to execute it. Cohesion will workshop with you, provide advice and practical strategies to create a tailored marketing plan that best represents your brand.


A marketing strategy is only valuable if it is used and implemented effectively. That is why we provide a tactical implementation plan to guide you. Our approach is to continue to work with you to enable your team to execute the plan to drive business productivity and consistency. Once the implementation is underway, we will continue to monitor, guide and review until your team is confident enough to take the reins. Our goal is to empower your team to thrive.


Our marketing services include a:

  • Marketing Discovery Workshop – we find out who you are, what you do and why you do it.

  • Benchmark Report – analyse your current marketing approach and its effectiveness.

  • Competitor Analysis – identify your competitors and what they offer.

  • Market Niche – Establish what your unique selling proposition or point of difference is.

  • Tactical Implementation Plan – a 12-month strategy to move forward.

  • Staff Development – we train your staff to enable them to implement the plan.

  • Monitor and Review – ongoing consultation to assess or adjust the plan, if required.

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